Scheduled Maintenance

English | Español Systematic scheduled maintenance is the set of maintenance tasks that are performed on equipment or installation by following an established program, according to working time, the quantity produced, and mileage, according to a fixed schedule or following some other cycle that is repeated periodically. This set of task is made no matter […]

What Is RCM? (Reliability Centered Management)

English | Español RCM or Reliability Centered Maintenance is one of the techniques used to develop a maintenance plan to keep a plant up and running. Like all maintenance plans there are positives and negatives associated with the process. Initially, this system was developed for the aviation sector, where the high costs associated with the […]

What Is Total Productive Maintenance? (TPM)

English | Español TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) emerged in Japan thanks to the efforts of the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance (JIPM) as a system destined for achieving the elimination of so-called ‘six great losses’ of equipment, in order to facilitate the implementation of “Just in time” management. By Santiago García Garrido The Philosophy of […]

Vibration Analysis

English | Español Both Preventive and Predicative maintenance models show a keen interested in mechanical vibrations and the effect they have on planning and maintenance. For the rest of this article vibration analysis looks at any vibrating element of a piece of machinery and how changes in frequency, strength or duration of vibrations can be […]

What Is Predictive Maintenance?

English | Español Predictive maintenance is a useful technique that aims to predict the future failure point of a machine or component, so that parts can be replaced, based on a plan, just before it is expected to fail. This means that equipment downtime is minimized and that component lifetime is maximized. Predictive Maintenance Organization […]

Types Of Maintenance

English | Español When it comes to plant maintenance there has traditionally been 5 types of maintenance strategies. Each of these are differentiated by the nature of the tasks and how the business itself chooses to operate. These 5 techniques include: Corrective maintenance: Machinery that needs to be corrected is passed onto the maintenance department […]