Scheduled Maintenance

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Systematic scheduled maintenance is the set of maintenance tasks that are performed on equipment or installation by following an established program, according to working time, the quantity produced, and mileage, according to a fixed schedule or following some other cycle that is repeated periodically. This set of task is made no matter what is the condition of the equipment.

The systematic maintenance program is very effective in equipment and facilities that require a medium or high availability, of some importance in the production system whose failure causes disruptions in the company production plan and therefore it can not be expected to give symptoms failure.

Among the types of tasks that typically include the systematic maintenance are as follows:

  • Equipment technical cleaning
  • Replacement of the elements subjected to wear, such as impellers, bearings, bearings, sealing elements, blades, cylinder liners, cylinder heads, etc..
  • Checking the inner state of some elements, whose verification can not be done with equipment in service and which requires a complex disassembly
  • Checking the proper operation of the instrumentation, and its calibration
  • Features verification
  • Systematic maintenance can be applied to particular equipment or to a whole installation. This type of systematic maintenance is replaced sometimes by condition maintenance: the equipment is checked and it is only intervened if there are symptoms of failure that justify it. It has been shown that in the process of systematic review, damage that the equipment did not have are induced , so it also represents a high cost that is not always justified and it may even be counterproductive.

However, it is not always possible to avoid systematic interventions, especially when it is needed at all costs to ensure production and you has a specific time for a scheduled review. The difference in availability between installations undergoing scheduled reviews and systematic reviews can be 20 points in availability, over a similar plant subjected to conditional reviews or it is not applied any systematic plan.